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Senior Citizens Welfare Section

(一)Elderly welfare
  1. The affairs, guidance and verification of the elderly institution
  2. Elderly apartment and Ren-Ai house
  3. Management, guidance and judgment of the elderly activities center
  4. Plan and promotion of the elderly welfare affairs
  5. Authorized report for the elderly welfare
  6. Subsidy for the elderly welfare
  7. Inspection for the elderly welfare
  8. Release the living subsidy for the low income elderly
  9. Nursing subsidy for the low income elderly
  10. Inspect the cash gift of Double-Ninth Festival
  11. The improving plan for the residence for the low income elderly
  12. All kind of subsidy for the elderly group
  13. Subsidy for the special care for the low income elderly
  14. Day-care service
  15. The institution of elderly school
  16. Home care

Contact Information
  • Elderly protection hotline:06-2159595
  • Home care service and service for the low income elderly:06-2991111 ext 8353
  • Elderly school:06-2158077
  • Elderly welfare institution:06-2991111 ext 8562
  • Meal delivery and day-care service:06-2991111 ext 8486

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