Long-term Care 2.0 Services Near You


Long-term Care 2.0 Services Near You

For more information, contact the Long-term Care Hot-line 4128080 (from landline) or 02-4128080 (from mobile)

One number for all services



Step one: submit application to your local long-term care center;

Step two: receive home assessment by experts;

Step three: make a care plan together.

Approved applicants are entitled to use the services, including home services, day care, pickup and drop off, respite services, etc.



# those who are assessed and determined by experts to be:



# Care (including home services, day care and family care)

# Pickup and drop-off

# Food delivery

# Purchase or loan of auxiliary equipment; home accessibility improvement

# Home Care

# Home (community) rehabilitation

# Services provided by long-term care centers

# Respite services

# Small-scale multi-functional services

# Family caregiver support services

# Preventive community care

# Services to prevent dysfunction or delay dysfunction and dementia

# Discharge readiness services

# Home care readiness services

# Integral services provided in aboriginal areas

# Integral community care model



# Mainly for services

# Subsidy amount is determined by level of functionality

# Contribution amount payable by the service user is determined by financial situation of the user's family:

# Any amount above the determined subsidy amount is payable by the service user.


For more information on Long-term Care 2.0,

see Long-term Care section on the Ministry of Health and Welfare website,

contact the Long-term Care hot-line: 02-4128080, or call your local care management center.

Ministry of Health and Welfare and Tainan City Government


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